Tobias Götz – Product Engineer

It must feel good.

Tobias Götz is our expert in high-quality haptics and perfect surfaces. He is responsible for development in the seat trim segment. His job requires not only the ability to see the big picture, but also a sense of empathy. Because he has to reconcile a whole range of different requirements, ideas, wishes, arguments and unavoidable technical realities.

Cindy Petrasch – Sales Manager

The automotive business is a people business.

Cindy Petrasch sees people as being right at the heart of her job. Relationships with customers and colleagues that are based on trust are the key to her success as the interface between the manufacturer and the project team. She is driven by the desire to inspire others and to convince them of the importance of innovative ideas. This is her passion and her motivation. Cindy is also totally motivated when it comes to her personal and professional development. She is taking a part-time master’s degree in business psychology alongside her job, because anyone who understands people better can help to improve the world of work. 

Deetin Venugopal – System Developer (Electronics)

Eissmann goes ASPICE.

Deetin Venugopal plays an active role in shaping Eissmann’s future as a tech integrator and system supplier. Deetin works in technical development as an electronics system developer, acting as a central reference point between software development, OEM customers and suppliers. He is also helping to set up Eissmann’s ASPICE process framework.

Jennifer Topp – Development Engineer (Textiles and Materials)

The Enabler.

For designers wanting to turn their ideas into reality, Jennifer Topp is their go-to expert. That’s because most decisions on surfaces and materials have to be given her seal of approval. Jennifer’s aim is to make the often ambitious design ideas of her customers technically feasible by finding innovative and unusual ways to use materials. Her creations are nothing short of ingenious.

Product lines.

We think proactively.

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