Norman Eitel – Advance Developer

In search of
the wow factor.

Norman Eitel is someone who likes to take a more extreme approach to things. When others sit back in satisfaction, Norman will get his teeth well and truly into whatever he is doing and will always go the extra mile. He is always on the lookout for that invigorating wow factor: whether in his free time as a committed downhill mountain biker in the Swabian Jura hills around Bad Urach or at Eissmann, where he works as an advance developer in charge of making product ideas ready for series production.

Jennifer Topp – Development Engineer (Textiles and Materials)

The Enabler.

For designers wanting to turn their ideas into reality, Jennifer Topp is their go-to expert. That’s because most decisions on surfaces and materials have to be given her seal of approval. Jennifer’s aim is to make the often ambitious design ideas of her customers technically feasible by finding innovative and unusual ways to use materials. Her creations are nothing short of ingenious.

Deetin Venugopal – System Developer (Electronics)

Eissmann goes ASPICE.

Deetin Venugopal plays an active role in shaping Eissmann’s future as a tech integrator and system supplier. Deetin works in technical development as an electronics system developer, acting as a central reference point between software development, OEM customers and suppliers. He is also helping to set up Eissmann’s ASPICE process framework.

Product lines.

We think proactively.

Craftsmanship meets electronics expertise: We provide the right ambience in vehicles of all drive systems.


Follow your intuition.

Bring your ideas to the table.