Luise Polter – Quality Engineer.

“Excellence comes only from continuous improvement”

Luise Polter is our expert for long-term customer satisfaction. As a quality engineer at the Pell City plant in the US state of Alabama, it is her responsibility to ensure that Eissmann trim components are not just good, but perfect. In both form and function. This requires the ability to pay attention to the big picture and at the same time quickly identify and eliminate the “devil in the detail”.

“Quality is relevant everywhere”

“That's why, as a point of contact for quality, I continuously communicate with all involved stakeholders. With customers and suppliers, with production, quality planning and our lab. The relationship with our customers is particularly important.

I make sure that they get to know our production processes and the team. Conversely, I am often at the customer site to understand their challenges in situ. This communication, which sometimes addresses more than just business issues, creates genuine appreciation and promotes involvement. For example, we are also available outside of business hours so we can respond to problems even faster, usually within 24 hours. It’s our promise!”

Our CIP makes the difference

Luise and her team view quality not as the status quo, but as a dynamic, continuous process of improvement. Customers really appreciate this approach.

“Our team in Pell City introduced a vision system at the end of 2021. This system identifies via camera incorrectly positioned components and stops the production process so that the error can be corrected by the worker and a quality component is produced. It has allowed us to significantly reduce customer complaints and scrap.”

And the improvement process hasn't stopped here. In cooperation with the SAP team in Germany, it will be even easier to post finished parts in the future. This will minimize the error rate and allow more time and care for final quality control.

Luise Polter would also like to have a little more time for trips with her SUP board to Logan Martin Lake in Pell City or to the Grand Canyon. There's nowhere better to find some peace and quiet. Because there is power in tranquility.

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