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Eissmann started out as a supplier of high-end leather interiors and is now a visionary creative partner for the automotive industry that delivers perfectly designed car interiors. As a system supplier and specialist for mobile living spaces, we work with just about all of the renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

We think proactively when it comes to integrating electronics components in shifter modules, work hard to create the right ambiance in vehicles with any drive type and opt for innovative and sustainable materials in addition to traditional leather.

The Eissmann product lines.

The Eissmann product lines.
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Eissmann is one of the most prominent suppliers of a variety of interior modules, ranging from door trim and center consoles to instrument panels. Thanks to our systems expertise and flexibility throughout the entire process chain, we can easily develop and produce both exclusive small series and larger series. Our priority is developing innovative and sustainable product solutions for all trim systems.


The increasing trend of vehicle interiors is toward mobile living spaces. We are always ready to face the next challenge by offering laminated and injection molded trim and decorative elements with integrated innovative features such as light, operating functions and climate comfort. What’s more, we are able to successfully combine different technologies such as printing, laser machining and embossing into our trim components. We are more than happy to design completely new decorative elements using either traditional leather or sustainable or vegan materials and methods.


As a global market leader for laminated steering wheel covers, we ensure drivers can see and feel quality when behind the wheel. Our patented leather weakening method and our state-of-the-art processes ensure that airbags open reliably and that our prices remain competitive, while also fulfilling the highest quality standards.


Because our processes are highly automated and we have developed our own modular process system, we have become a one-stop shop for seat components for the trimming sector. Our very own strategic seat components site in Czechia enables us to fulfill a wide range of requirements for back rests and other trim components, from plastic injection molding and the use of natural fibers to lightweight design and lamination.


From engineering to tech integration: of all our product segments, this progression is especially true of our shifter modules. While previously demand was predominantly for leather trim and mechatronics, there is now an increasing focus on the integration of electronics expertise such as shift by wire. Thanks to our comprehensive skills in software and hardware and all standard processes (CAN-FD, A-SPICE, etc.), we can guarantee hassle-free integration into vehicles. Despite this transformation in sought-after functions, premium appearance and quality are still the priority.


The integration of KTSN into the Eissmann Group extends our product and competence range. Kinematic modules like storage systems or air vents are now designed and produced in-house. These high-precision modules are supplied as single component or part of a full interior module.

Eissmann Individual. 

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Eissmann Individual GmbH is a full-service supplier for lamination, upholstery and leather-trimming projects for yachting, aviation, architecture, automotive manufacturing and consumer goods. We take products from the initial concept through to the prototype stage and on to series production before shipping them from our sites around the world.

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As pioneering thinkers, we don’t just follow trends – we help to set them. That’s why we are adept at bringing together very different skills and technologies to create completely new solutions.

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