Health, Safety & Environment.

The health and safety of our employees and the environmentally friendly use of resources are our top priority. That’s why we have made health and safety and environmental issues an integral part of the Eissmann Group’s management system.

It is our duty to eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries. That’s why we are constantly fine-tuning everything we do to optimize our technical, organizational and behavior-based safety and why we encourage a proactive safety culture in all areas of our risk management. We are always striving to make our use of resources more environmentally friendly and are committed to reducing our ecological footprint. The overall energy consumption of all our European locations is systematically recorded and analyzed as part of our energy audits.


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Compliance is a key component of our company values. Our international code of conduct protects our employees and our company as well as our customers and partners. It summarizes all the relevant legal and internal company requirements that our employees must follow. Sustainable management and social responsibility form an integral part of our values and form the basis of how we work. They shape the Eissmann Group of today and of tomorrow.

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