Libby Holton – Head of Customer Business Unit (CBU)

Perfection has many facets.

Ambassador. Advisor. Missionary. Enabler. Libby Holton is "all-in-one." As Head of CBU – NA Tier 1, in the US state of Michigan, hardly a day goes by when she amazes our customers with the magic of handcrafted cladding solutions. 

Formally excellent, haptically unique, functionally perfect. With this commitment to quality, Libby and her team tackle the often tricky challenges that come with both new projects and ongoing orders.

"Working together is a success"

"Do we feel like a supplier? Yes, but as a supplier of ideas, as a source of inspiration, as a thinking and development partner at eye level. Our competencies in the design of vehicle interiors are so firmly anchored in the minds of our customers that even in the early stages of development, they often suggest: Let's just ask Eissmann! 

And indeed, we know from years of experience that we have found a suitable solution for our customers for every question and every technical problem.

We are usually asked, for example, to mask early prototypes, evaluate the result and share our expertise with the customer. Cross-company teamwork right from the start, definitely a win-win situation. As Henry Ford said, coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

"Change of perspective is a very special fuel."

Humans tend to have tunnel vision. What's taking place on the right and left is ignored. Libby Holton and her colleagues think and work differently. Always open to other opinions, ideas and arguments. Always ready to change perspectives:

"My key experience at Eissmann, I hadn't been there long, was a tech show for FCA. My teammates explained to me at the time that productive solutions are actually always the result of healthy discourse. Looking at, discussing, weighing and evaluating the customer's vision from different angles and perspectives is one of Eissmann's core values. And the basis of our great teamwork, which encourages all participants to express their opinions, even if they may seem oblique at first glance. Perfection just has many facets!"

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