Turning ideas into excitement.

The automotive industry is undergoing the most dramatic transformation since its inception. Here at Eissmann, we see this change as a great opportunity. The development and increasing complexity of our customer requirements for creating car interiors of the future have always motivated us to be the best we can be. We’re now ready for the next big step!

But we want to do more than just manage this complexity. As pioneering thinkers, we don’t just follow trends – we help to set them. That’s why we are adept at bringing together very different skills and technologies to create completely new solutions – unique and exciting solutions that are both sustainable and fit for the future. We like to have “a constant eye on the big picture,” as our company founder once said.

As a reliable family company with an international focus, we have gradually developed from a components supplier to a system solutions provider, from a service provider to a partner and from an engineering firm to a tech integration firm. But one thing hasn’t changed: we turn complex challenges into exciting solutions.

Eissmann. Turning ideas into excitement.

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As a system supplier and specialist for mobile living spaces of the future, we work hard to create the right ambiance in interiors of cars with any drive type, opt for innovative, sustainable materials and think proactively when it comes to integrating electronics components in shifter modules.


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