Essential invoice details.

As the Eissmann Group continues to expand, and the number and complexity of our projects grows accordingly, we cannot be certain of processing your invoices and our remittances efficiently unless the following essential details are included on your invoices:

  • Eissmann order number
  • Eissmann project number
  • Agreed payment terms

All these details are included in the upper section of our orders. Please understand that as from 01/01/2012 we will be unable to process your invoices without these details, and will have to send them back to you for correction. Please instruct your Accounts department accordingly to ensure that any amounts due to you can be paid on time.


Electronic receipt of invoices

We will be accepting the electronic receipt of invoices via e-mail from 01.10.2013. The following framework conditions must be complied with to ensure electronic exchange and further processing without errors.

  • Only invoices can be processed with .pdf format
  • These must not be write-protected (password protected)
  • Each .pdf document must only contain one invoice
  • Several .pdf invoices can be attached to a single e-mail
  • Any other attached file formats as well as the content of the e-mail itself are not considered and are thus not processed further

E-mail adresses for electronic exchange of invoices:


Eissmann Automotive Deutschland GmbH

Eissmann Individual GmbH

DAGRO Eissmann GmbH

Czech Republic

Eissmann Automotive Česká republika s.r.o.


Eissmann Automotive Hungaria Kft.


Eissmann Automotive Slovensko s.r.o.

Eissmann SMP Automotive Interieur Slovensko s.r.o.



Eissmann Automotive Port Huron, LLC, Port Huron, MI

Eissmann Automotive USA Trading LLC

Eissmann Automotive Detroit Development, LLC, Troy, MI

Eissmann Automotive Pell City, LLC


Eissmann Automotive de México S.A. de C.V.


Eissmann Automotive Queretaro, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Please contribute for efficiency in the collaboration and send us invoices in electronic form, complying with the framework conditions.

Many thanks in advance for your support.