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Eissmann developing an invisible airbag

After intensive research over a number of years, in early 2008 Eissmann was granted a patent for the innovative airbag weakening process for surface materials.

By perforating the leather Eissmann has managed to produce a customer-specified weakening of the surface material that cannot be seen from the vehicle interior and thus enables total design freedom. Visible safety components, visible seams and the requirements of technical design are all now things of the past. With the "invisible airbag" there is no longer any need to position the intended break point parallel with the decorative seams. Instead, thanks to the controlled microperforation, any geometry whatsoever can be implemented in a reliable process.

This innovative process can be used with a split line on surface-laminated areas of any size. The driver's airbag, passenger airbag or knee airbag all represent examples.

The functional requirements in conjunction with adherence to the design brief of "invisibility" posed a serious challenge. This is very demanding from a technical point of view, especially when using leather as the material.?

Successfully completed trial runs, sunlight simulations and climate change tests guarantee absolute process reliability for the requisite automotive standards.

Because of this innovative product the Eissmann Group managed to obtain considerable numbers of orders for top-end vehicles in an extremely short space of time. The newly-developed process has been used in series production since October 2009.