Turning ideas into excitement. Welcome to the future of Eissmann.

Eissmann has been writing its own success story for over 55 years. During this time, it has evolved from a local German lamination company into a global supplier of high-quality automotive interior trim.

Eissmann employs almost 5,000 people in Europe, North America and China and supplies all renowned automotive manufacturers from its 12 plants. A number of people helped to co-write this unique success story – as an international family company, Eissmann would be nothing without the tireless commitment and inspiring enthusiasm of its employees, customers, suppliers and partners.


In addition to a passion for perfect workmanship, what made and makes Eissmann’s success so sustainable is the company’s ongoing pursuit of innovation. The Eissmann Group sees the wide-ranging challenges that the automotive industry is currently facing as a welcome opportunity for its own transformation – and is thus entering a new, groundbreaking chapter in its history.


Eissmann is moving forward – changing from a component supplier to a system solver, from a service provider to a creative partner, from a technician to a tech-integrator. As a company that truly thinks outside the box, Eissmann doesn’t simply follow trends, it also shapes them. By bringing together different fields of expertise and technology, Eissmann is able to create completely new solutions. Unique solutions that are both forward-looking and sustainable and inspire unlike anything else.


Last year we refined our strategy. We opted for vertical integration and innovation. We are expanding our global development and production capacity and expertise with new technology, such as complex injection molding processes, or an extended product range, such as kinematic components. We are purposely setting out to integrate complex electronic functions in mechatronic components and trim systems. We want to share our extended aim with the whole world,” says Wolfgang Braun, Chief Executive Officer of the Eissmann Group.


This far-reaching transformation is not only felt internally at Eissmann Group Automotive but is also visible externally too – Eissmann’s corporate design has been completely overhauled. From the logo, with a design that perfectly reflects the company’s transformation, through to the new web presence, the colors orange and blue and the highly modern look represent the start of the new Eissmann world.


At the same time, our name, Eissmann Group Automotive, and the excellent quality and reliability which we have demonstrated day after day for over 55 years, remain the same. This logo combines the past and the future,” says Claudia Eißmann shareholder and Chairperson of the Advisory Board.


Eissmann Group Automotive is pleased to be moving into this exciting era and writing history – as per its new tag line: Eissmann. Turning ideas into excitement.


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