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Eissmann is developing advanced methods for finishing trim components in leather that also offer excellent potential for cost savings

Eissmann's TMSP method enables automotive manufacturers to make significant cost savings with additional toolkits, e.g. instrument panel mounts, and to cost-effectively add value to the vehicle interior with classy genuine leather equipment.

In developing its TMSP (trim mill series parts) system the Eissmann Group is demonstrating its innovative expertise in the area of adding value to interiors.

With the milling technology used, transitions to mounted components such as air outlets or sunshields are milled to a minimal extent, and this enables an identical gap progression as with components designed specifically for the purpose. TMSP technology thus means that there is no longer any need to develop leather-compatible mounts or to make the investment in tools necessitated by these.

An original plastic-based series design can be be initially enhanced retrospectively by TMSP. Upgrading to a leather version is thus every bit as feasible as retrospectively modifying a single-color series design to form a multi-colored design concept. TMSP also enables a softer feel to be implemented in the interior of the vehicle.

In order to ensure process reliability every single mounting is scanned and measured on a 5-axis milling rig. An optimized milling sequence is set up based on the measured results. The mounts are then milled to measure, during which time any individual deviations are taken precisely into account. This high level of process reliability represents a significant advantage over milling the supports manually.

The new method outshines others in particular because of its cost efficiency for small series. Investments costs are some 60% lower than a corresponding series solution since no separate plastic mounts are required for leather or vinyl variants. Design changes can be implemented rapidly and economically by adjusting the milling contour. As a result, time-consuming and cost-intensive modifications to series tools are no longer required, and they can be implemented significantly more quickly than with conventional methods.

The benefits of TMSP technology are also utilized to achieve customization or to add value to vehicle interiors in existing series.

Because of this unique technological selling point the Eissmann Group has succeeded in winning a considerable number of orders. The new process is already being used by a number of automotive manufacturers.