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Eissmann Group Automotive expands its management board

As part of the sustained expansion of its business activities, Eissmann Group Automotive made the decision to expand its management board. The highly successful long-standing management team, consisting of Mr Dr. Klaus Elmer (CEO) and Mr Norman Willich (CFO), now includes a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Mr Ingo Wirth (50) was secured for this position and he took up the role on February 1, 2018. In addition to the key area of “Central Production and Logistics”, he will be responsible for operational activities in the global subsidiaries. Mr Wirth possesses many years of experience in the automotive supplier industry and, since 2013, he has successfully worked on international projects for Eissmann Group Automotive. As Area Manager, Mr Wirth took on responsibility for the key area “Central Production and Logistics” back in January 2017.

Apart from this expansion, the existing assignment of the other areas of operation in the management board remains unaltered.