EGA expands its electronics expertise and takes over ingeneers CaR GmbH in Nuremberg.

Eissmann is investing in the future with a new area of expertise and once again expanding its product segments with the acquisition of the company ingeneers CaR Gmbh.

ingeneers CaR GmbH, based in Nuremberg, develops custom embedded electronic control systems, thereby creating electronic systems for a range of applications. The main areas of expertise are classic control units in the comfort electronics sector and operating and display systems. The range of services extends from concept development to the implementation of hardware and software to the environmental qualification of the systems and transfer to series production. The company, which will trade under the name Eissmann Automotive ingeneers GmbH, has 18 highly-qualified employees who have many years of experience in the automotive industry.

Eissmann Group Automotive has 14 sites across 3 continents, 5,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of 470 million. In recent years the company has extended its expertise in the field of laminated leather for high-quality interior automotive components and continued to refine its development and industrialization processes. As a system supplier and expert in mobile living spaces, Eissmann works with almost all renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

"This is a strategic expansion of our product segments here at Eissmann Group Automotive. The acquisition of ingeneers will significantly expand our product portfolio. Not only will we develop and produce trim modules and components for automotive interiors, we will also be developing the necessary software and hardware for operating elements and shift-by-wire modules in-house. It also means we will be able to step up work on the integration of electrical functions in interior trim components (smart surfaces). This will enable us to become a trendsetter in the design of smart, functional and innovative interiors for the vehicles of the future," explains Wolfgang Braun, Chief Executive Officer of Eissmann Group Automotive.
The goal is to bring these very different fields of expertise and technology together to create completely new solutions. As a company that truly thinks outside the box, Eissmann doesn’t simply follow trends, it also shapes them and turns complex challenges into genuine enthusiasm.

In addition to helping develop the skill set and product portfolio at Eissmann, ingeneers will continue to be available to its existing customers as a long-term, expert, agile and valuable development partner. "We will maintain the high level of trust that our long-standing, existing customers have placed in us by continuing to play a valuable role in the functioning of their products with our first-class development work and workmanship. Our range of services will not be restricted by our integration in the Eissmann Group, instead it will give us the opportunity to continue to expand our offering," explains Armin Farrenkopf, Managing Director of ingeneers.

The acquisition of ingeneers and this additional expertise positions the Eissmann Group as a tech integrator and thus an even more effective partner for customers in the automotive industry.

l.t.r.: Claudia Eißmann (Chairman of the Advisory Board), Dr. Wolfgang Braun (Chief Executive Officer), Sami Sagur (Chief Financial Officer)

l.t.r.: Claudia Eißmann (Chairman of the Advisory Board), Dr. Wolfgang Braun (Chief Executive Officer), Sami Sagur (Chief Financial Officer)


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