Norman Eitel – Advance Developer.

In search of the wow factor.

Norman Eitel is someone who likes to take a more extreme approach to things. When others sit back in satisfaction, Norman will sink his teeth into whatever he is doing and will always go the extra mile. He is always on the lookout for that invigorating wow factor: whether in his free time as a committed downhill mountain biker in the Swabian Jura hills around Bad Urach or at Eissmann, where he works as an advance developer in charge of making product ideas ready for series production.

“The bigger the innovation, the bigger the wow factor!”

“We don’t want to just meet our customers’ expectations: we want to exceed them. We want to inspire our customers with unexpected ideas and to show how combining sophisticated design with the latest engineering lays the foundations for added value and USPs.”

This approach is testament to Eissmann’s standing as a tech integrator and expert for mobile living spaces. Advance developers like Norman have to think creatively and across disciplines when designing everything from seamlessly integrated surface operating functions to built-in lights and panel heating.

“Our strength lies in the fact that we speak the same language as designers and engineers.”

“This means we are perfectly placed to collaborate with experts on developing our products and are adept at constantly evaluating and optimizing the technological feasibility of new product creations. That’s how Eissmann provides solutions that represent the very best of both worlds.”

We manage all this in a relatively short space of time because our entire advance development, including prototype construction, takes place in house. Efficient advance development is fundamental to creating pioneering products and shorter innovation cycles. Eissmann’s flexibility and flat hierarchies mean it has the power to really get things moving.

“In design and prototype construction, we work fast. We can accommodate custom requirements and can deliver the first parts to our customers in no time.”

Norman doesn’t champion speed just when he’s at work: it’s an essential ingredient in his favorite sports, too. As a mountain biker and skier, he is always looking for the next wow factor on his steep trails and pistes. But preferably with a helmet and protective gear – he’s an asset Eissmann couldn’t do without!

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