Deetin Venugopal – System Developer (Electronics).

Eissmann goes ASPICE.

Deetin Venugopal plays an active role in shaping Eissmann’s future as a tech integrator and system supplier. Deetin works in technical development as an electronics system developer, acting as a central reference point between software development, OEM customers and suppliers. He is also helping to set up Eissmann’s ASPICE process framework.

“The range of services we provide to customers will soon include our impressive electronics expertise!”

"We are held in high regard on the market as experts in trim components and shifter modules. Whilst we have successfully incorporated electronic functions such as light and display elements into our products in the past, we are now enhancing our shifter components to make them even more intelligent by integrating new functions. We see this challenge as a great opportunity. The development and increasing complexity of our customer requirements have always motivated us to be the best we can be. As pioneering thinkers, we want to play a leading role in setting trends by bringing together different skills and technologies to create forward-looking, inspiring solutions for our customers."

Mechatronics specialists such as Deetin are contributing their invaluable expertise to help us establish our in-house electronics development: “We have successfully introduced the Automotive SPICE process and are also certified to ISO 26262 standard. We are currently expanding our software and electronics development team and building a high-performance development and testing environment. In other words, we are ready for even more exciting projects!”

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