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Apparel sewer (m/f)

Apparel sewers produce all manner of clothing and textiles. They work in industry, chiefly in the production areas of cutting, sewing, ironing and product monitoring. They generally specialize in one department, one production stage or in specific products.

Apparel sewers work predominantly in industrial clothing production plants. Using templates, they produce cutting patterns and models for range and series production, cut material to size and set up sewing machines and automated units.

Duration/start of training:

2 years, commencing on 01/09

Good school leaving qualifications, manual skills, sound basic knowledge of mathematics, good spatial awareness, sense of responsibility, ability to work carefully and as part of a team

selecting textile materials and accessories, preparing, operating and monitoring equipment in the sewing shop, applying various production technologies in the cutting, ironing, sewing and product monitoring sections, understanding the relationship between conception, design and processing, evaluating quality and implementing quality assurance measures

Subsequent fields of work:
sewing, prototyping, production

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