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Mechatronics technician (m/f)

Mechatronics technicians assemble and maintain complex machines, plants and systems. Their tasks include commissioning and operating the componentry and system modules they produce. Measuring and testing these systems and components is another important part of their role. Where necessary they will also program the production facilities.

When performing repair work and assembly work, mechatronics technicians will work largely independently using diagrams and building plans. They often work as part of a team and have to agree the work they carry our with upstream departments (e.g. those manufacturing the components) and downstream departments (such as the production operation itself).

Another responsibility of a mechatronics technician is to maintain and repair the mechatronics systems. In connection with this role they will perform quality inspections.

Duration/start of training:

3 1/2 years, commencing on 01/09

Good school leaving qualifications, an interest in technology and manual skills, a well-planned and systematic approach to work, excellent perception and understanding of complex issues, willingness to learn

Planning and preparing work tasks, installing and commissioning mechatronic systems, carrying out maintenance, servicing and repair work, programming CNC machines

Subsequent fields of work:
Technical development, plant engineering, initial development of production areas in Germany and overseas

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