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Industrial salesperson

Industrial salespersons sell the company's products and services. They are involved in all the specialist commercial departments (materials management, finance/cost control, sales/marketing, human resources).

They interact with customers, suppliers, authorities and internal offices. In the materials management/purchasing department they perform a wide range of tasks from comparing quotations, checking invoices and purchasing negotiations with suppliers through to acceptance and storage of goods.

In sales they handle customer orders, prepare quotations, produce calculations and price lists, and conduct sales negotiations with customers. In the Finance/Cost Control department the events that arise during transactions are processed and logged and the company's KPIs are prepared.

In Human Resources industrial salespersons calculate the requisite level of staffing, put human resources recruitment tools in place and plan training programs.

Duration/start of training:

3 years, commencing on 01/09.

Good school leaving qualifications, interest in sales/business, good communication skills and ability to work in a team, ability to relate to customers, English language skills, willingness to learn

handling sales/business queries

Subsequent fields of work:
All specialist sales departments

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