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IT specialist (m/f) – Applications development field

In the applications development field trainees develop and program software projects to customer specifications. They test existing applications, modify and enhance them and develop appropriate user interfaces for applications.

They also fix bugs with the help of expert or diagnostic systems and advise and/or train users. They use software engineering methods with various different programming languages and tools.

Producing system documentation also falls within the remit of an IT specialist in the applications development field.

Duration/start of training:
3 years, commencing on 01.09

Good school leaving qualifications, interest in IT extending beyond school work, excellent knowledge of data processing, communication skills and ability to relate to customers, well-planned, systematic approach to work, willingness to learn

Designing and implementing software applications to customer's specification, testing and documenting applications, modifying existing applications, applying project planning, execution and checking methods, using software and development tools, developing ergonomic user interfaces that are appropriate to the application, using expert and diagnostic systems to fix bugs, demonstrating applications, advising and training users

Subsequent fields of work:
IT Department (software development, database or network administration, systems analysis)

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