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Bachelor of Arts (m/f) – logistics specialization

The course specializing in logistics falls under the Economics faculty and comprises 6 semesters, with each semester made up of both a practical and a theoretical component. The theory modules, where students are taught specialist theory, are held at Duale Hochschule Gera. The following practical phase is linked with the theoretical phase, i.e. students are deployed in departments relevant to the theoretical material they have just been taught. This allows specialist theoretical knowledge to be subsequently put to use in practice.

Graduates from this course will be eminently capable of successfully performing logistics tasks with a business management angle, in industrial and commercial companies as well as for logistics service providers in all the important functional areas, in lower and middle management functions. They will be in a position to handle complex business tasks with a thorough, inter-disciplinary approach.

In the foundation module students are taught fundamental theoretical specialist knowledge for all the business-management areas in an industrial or logistics operation. Primary focuses of this course are the basics of production and logistics management along with the areas of procurement and stockage, quality management, marketing and sales.

The course is completed with a bachelor thesis at the end of the third year, and if successful the title Bachelor of Arts is conferred. Further information about this course is available from the dual university's home page.

Duration/start of the course:

3 years (6 semesters) commencing on 01/10

General or specialized higher school leaving qualification (Abitur); good to excellent achievements at school in the subjects related to this course, an interest in business management, communication skills and ability to work in a team, capacity to work under pressure, willingness to learn

logistics services, logistics process management, logistics controlling, logistics project management and consulting, quality management in logistics

Subsequent fields of work:
All specialist commercial departments (e.g. purchasing, logistics)

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