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What an application portfolio should include in order to make an impact

Individual letter of application (1 DIN-A4 page)

  • Your address, phone number and e-mail address (if available)
  • Company address
  • Separate 'Regarding...' line
  • Personal address (find out the name of the relevant contact)
  • Interesting lead-in sentence (avoid set phrases and cliches)
  • State your career aims and how you found out about the training position on offer (e.g. training opportunities presentation at school, ...)
  • What are you doing at present, and why do you particularly wish to do your training with Eissmann? Your motivation must be plain to see. 
  • How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd of fellow applicants?
  • Signature
  • Enclosures

CV in tabular form and application photo

  • Address
  • High-quality (digital) application photo, i.e. generally taken by a professional
  • Personal details
  • Parents (profession)
  • Siblings (if any) (ages/ professions (if applicable))
  • School / career history
  • Internships / special skills
  • Leisure interests
  • Date and signature

The CV must provide a complete and verifiable profile of the applicant. It is also important to explain what you will be doing in the intervening period between submitting your application and the date on which you hope to commence your training.

Certified copies of certificates (the last 4 certificates)

  • Key school grades: German, Math, English, IT, subjects related to the training (e.g. Economics, Technology,…), behavior and teamwork

We wish to see 4 certificates to enable us to assess you over a period of time and give us a reliable picture of your performance.

Other evidence of internships / other achievements at school or elsewhere (e.g. voluntary work)

It is important that you should include in your application portfolio any achievements/successes skills that may be relevant to your training.

Fundamental points:

  • Pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Make sure your application is well structured and clear
  • Sheets should be presented in a folder, not loose
  • The overall impression should be clean and positive