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Foundation of a new company, Dagro Eissmann Automotive GmbH

Negotiations have been concluded and Articles of Association signed for Dagro Eissmann Automotive GmbH with effect from 1.1.2010. The company is headquartered in Gera.

The traditional company Eissmann Group Automotive is based in Bad Urach, Germany, and was founded in 1964. Eissmann is a leading player in the area of gear lever modules and trim systems. This group of companies supplies the automotive industry worldwide, operating nine production facilities. It has succeeded in capturing a significant market share in its areas of business.

Dagro Gera GmbH was founded in 1991, supplying high-end automotive interiors, and operates two production facilities with 360 employees in Gera and Korbussen. Dagro's core area of business is exclusive small-series sports vehicles. It is currently producing interiors for models including Daimler AMG SLS, Audi R8, Bugatti, Lamborghini, VW Phaeton and VW T5.

With the new company Dagro Eissmann Automotive GmbH and an expected additional turnover of 35 million euros for 2010, the Eissmann Group has completed another step towards becoming a system supplier for complete high-end vehicle interiors. In order to develop the Gera site in a sustainable way, a number of new long-term jobs for qualified personnel are being created in a variety of fields.